public radio by mark mathis

by mark mathis



released February 15, 2005



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Track Name: two days to live
You can see the waves
crashing to the shore
try to make up names
like timothy and jane

I'd rather name the ocean
majestic king of spades
bear with me on this one
stay with me on this one

can you feel the Love of God surround us
we were lost until He found us
crippled boy with two days to live

Like the waves to pebbled shore
we pass away - we are no more
but Jesus took the time to know my name

the trouble with a name
is that it always stays the same
whether you are bad
or whether you have changed

but i know that You
are my Exception to the rule
You hold me in You Hands
You say You understand

you can nail your hands to the wood
you can nod and say you understood
you can sell your soul
or give it to another

you can analyze yourself to death
or you can pay someone to do it
but there's nothing you can do
to cause Him not to Love you
Track Name: heart of love
she was searching for the Heart of Love
deep down in his eyes
could have told her that she would not find it there

all around people frown
hate is in the air
we need Something to believe in
Something to receive

He's picking me up
He's picking me off the floor again

he's been holding out on loving
anybody for a while
it's getting hard to hold his head up
it's getting hard to smile

keeping up with the rolling stone
is harder than it seems
don't let them know that they broke you
they'll bring you to your knees

hold out one more day
Track Name: death and duty
I dreamed a song
played it all night long
I awoke in the morning
just to find it'd left me

we swore all we had
through the good and the bad
but we lost touch with that
do you still want me

cos we've lit our candles
and carried our burdens
recited our verses
what to do now

but the state of our affliction
is it from a wound that we carry
that says we can't trust Him
He'll let us down(drown)

I love my family
so you can imagine my surprise
when I found out this world isn't made for families

some things work out
other things just don't
but in the end is it faith
that you still carry

in this world you may have trouble
but be ye not afraid
I have overcome the world
Track Name: teflon
teflon coated skin
angels wait within the waterfall
for your next of kin
how were we to know that you would fall

rearrange my head
try and make some sense out of this mess
go on get dressed
you can leave without me if you like

I saw my old neighbor
he was so old
something in his eyes told me to run
told me to get out of here

time and time again
life is without measure or an end
that we could choose wish we could choose
but do we really

wrestle with the dead
show no fear cos fear will make you lose
kiss the mercy seat
ready or not here I come again
Track Name: breadline
you gotta walk that breadline
you gotta hold out your hand
you gotta make them believe you
they want to see you beg

She's gotta walk that red line
they want to see her legs
she's gotta give them all of her
and it hurts so bad

but He is not like that
lover of the broken
a compassionate man
you find Him in the wind
throw your head back and breathe deep of Him

she's gotta spend her childhood
making steel-toed shoes
when there's nothing to look forward to
you got nothing to lose

but He is not like that
lover of the broken
a compassionate man
redemption in His veins
enough to bring hope back to this nightmare

you can be righteouss
you can be holy
Track Name: moonlight
meet me in moonlight
and i'll fall at Your feet
only in moonlight do i feel any safety

meet me in a wheatfield as the sun sinks low
songs of the night birds and i remember when
i was a little boy the field was my front lawn
i had space to run but now i have grown into a man

so meet me in moonlight
and say that it's allright
douse all the streetlights
don't let me forget You

meet me in moonlight and i'll follow where You lead
change me in moonlight and i will be set free
i sleep at night with a smile on my face
dreaming of moonlight where you'll be waiting
Track Name: wasteland
welcome to the wasteland of changed plans
where everything just fell through
welcome to the racetrack strewn with the broken backs
of men who just weren't strong enough

so lay your head upon this pillow
i'll be here if you want to sleep
i know you're tired of being alone
you'll be safe with me

welcome to the graveyard where the hollow people are
whose bodies smell of the earth
i can see the toothless grins of them skeletons that haunt you in the dark

welcome to the graceland of clean hands
where God has set us free
from all them empty,useless,vile things that once was attached to me

and i can see the cold hard chains nailed to a tree you set me free
and i can feel the warmth of His blood as i run through the stream
then my alarm clock rings
Track Name: high school days
you eloped with my heart
set this small town on fire
if i wasn't so young
i wouldn't have been so
would you believe that i have changed
from my high school days

i was the biggest man in town
i threw a fity-yard touchdown
if i wasn't so young
i wouldn't have been so
would you believe that i have changed
from my high school days

hey,what are you thinking
hey, don't you know i love you

neon lights city sounds
no one sleeps in this town
i wouldn't have been so
would you believe that i have changed
from my high school days
Track Name: california
You're a lonely road california
and you live alone with your garden
there's a pickup truck and a solitaire diamond
given back to you by your wife in rhode island

who will lift the infinite
cos i'm rolling with the punches
cavemen dwell in rocks and hills
and I'm locked inside the basement

you're a rolling stone indiana
and you live alone won't let nobody near you
instant messenger a casusal encounter
with a picture profile that looks nothing like her

who will lift the infinite
cos i'm rolling with the punches
cavemen dwell in rocks and hills
and I'm locked inside the basement

i will lay you down in the fire
i will forge you again i will remake you
i will return the light back into your eyes
and all that was dead becomes alive again
those that did this to you will wish they'd never been born
i will give you a love
i will remain true
you'll forget those days so black and tired

who will cure the boys and girls
who got forced into the darkness
little children run into His arms
cos there's nothing in this world that can save you
Track Name: salvation army
you got a lot to prove
when you're on your own
a long way from home
with a scar from a fight

that nearly took your life
some dumb girl that left
a hole in your chest
last saturday night

red letter day
when your mom remarried
everyone faked they were happy
but you got too much of your dad in you
a sense of truth you didn't ask for

telephone rang and it was truth
told me all the good things i was about to lose
telephone rang and it was love
he said 'you should do the good things that you been thinking of'

and you have saved me from these waters
you have saved me from these cold cruel waters

did the electric slide
with some boy you loved
who never thought of you

you live a secret life
as if to say
you are ashamed
well you shouldn't be
Track Name: only the light
it's on you
it's on me
it's all right
to show it

happy roads
happy heart
happy you

right on man
ride on through
take your land
you own it

faith and love
faith in love
love the truth
You are the truth

aim high
don't think it is
so far from reality

only the light of Jesus can come in and fill me up
all the flashing lights and the worldly parasites just won't do

I have felt the cold winds blow through my bed at night
and all the wickedness of the day
just takes shape and runs through my mind

it's not always on the mountains
sometimes it's in between
we learn to be happy
we learn to be free
and i swear that i heard you
laughing in the falling snow
you have changed all i hope for
you have changed all i know
Track Name: ptl
you came down
from above
like a rain
like a fog

you brought pain
to some of us
with the pain
you brought love

it was such a cold world
it was such a cruel world
it was such a broke down world
without you

turn your face to the wind
across your eyes dry your tears
you brought hope and a home
to those of us who had none

and i'm so glad you came
it's been raining all day
my heart is satisfied
when i'm with you
Track Name: millennium
when the last of the broken
is picked up off the floor
yeah they'll hurt no more
yeah they'll fear no more

and the children that are hungry
they will all be fed
noone turned away
no more hunger today - millenium

and the people that are trapped
trapped in jobs they hate
you will let escape
yeah you'll break the gate

and the blood of the innocent will be fully repaid
cos it has touched your heart
it has sparked your rage - millenium

come to me
all you who are weary
all you who are heavy laden
and i will give you rest

take my yoke
take my yoke upon you
and learn from me
for i am meek and humble in heart and

you will find rest for your soul
rest for your very soul
for my load is easy and my burden light