a' la carte

by mark mathis

(free) 03:28


This isn't an album, it's just a bunch of demo's, b-sides and works from the island of lost songs.


released November 30, 2009



all rights reserved


mark mathis Charlotte

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Track Name: a light has come
i could of never entered the court of a king - so you came to me
you woke my heart from the fields of the lonely - yeah, you terrified me

Glory to God in the highest
Peace on earth - goodwill to me
upon those living in the land of the shadows
a light has come

Born of a virgin so pure and so simple
you entered this earth
You came to save us - to live with - to love us
and one day to take us home

No more living in darkness
I have seen a great light
Upon those living in the land of the shadows
a light has come

It was you
you saved me from my darkness
you did not make a spectacle in the streets
but you took my shame upon yourself
made a way for me by your blood
my bruised reed you did not break
my smoldering wick you did not put ou
Track Name: christian schools
you got a call today - it was a troubling case
some upper class kid kicked out for fighting in the hallway
you know your hands are tied - they know you've gotta comply
let this punk kid in he's got enough
money and connections

christian schools and christian rules
money from your kids
but jesuit priests in monasteries
they used to do it for free
they'd do it for the least of these

you got a call today - poor kid with good grades
his mom filled out a mountain of paperwork
now you've got to somehow explain to her
that her baby boy's scholarship was taken
by a 6' 4'' high school sophomore

what are we doing here
what are we doing here
christian school and christian rules
we are a song
we are a melody
it's never been safe and it's never gonna be

we've got a chance to change their minds
we got a chance to give our lives
we got a chance to live like christ
live like crazy,love like crazy, you are crazy, yeah....